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It's a simple equation: music + more people = a heck of a lot of fun. Sign up with some friends, or come solo and make some friends while making noise.


Our classes are one hour long and meet once per week. Cost varies slightly depending on the class - see the details below. We offer the following group classes for all ages:


Music Theory for Guitarists - Tuesdays at 8pm

Begins September 9

Eight one-hour-long sessions



Do you play notes and have no idea which ones you're playing? Do you play chords and not know their names? We can help you decipher the fretboard of the guitar. You'll be able to learn new songs faster, write songs with a larger toolbox and less cursing, and your improvisation will improve immensely.



Rock Band - Wednesdays at 8pm

Begins October 1

Eight one-hour-long sessions



Bring your instrument - any instrument will do - and learn to play songs with other musicians. No matter what level you are, there's a part for you to play. Beginners get a simple version while advanced students get something a bit more challenging.



Call to enroll:


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